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For your all boating needs in Hervey Bay – see 'Sandy Straits Marine' in Urangan.

Quality workmanship at Sandy Straits Marine

At Sandy Straits Marine, we have the experience and expertise to repair and maintain your vessel to the highest quality.

Boating expertise at Sandy Straits Marine

Sandy Straits Marine in Hervey Bay has a work force of highly skilled trades personnel that can cater to all your boating needs.

Customer satisfaction at Sandy Straits Marine

The focus is on customer satisfaction at Sandy Straits Marine. This local business offers advice and expertise, backed up with quality service.

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Sandy Straits Marine is a fibreglass repair and fabrication business which started out specifically to service the marine industry but has expanded to cover all types of fibreglass needs. We use the latest technology in materials and procedures and have just entered the field of resin infusion. We have also been using Basalt fibre in our boat building, and have sent one of these boats off to Fiji.

We are leading the way in our area with core materials used in boat building and repairs. In transoms and other areas where strength and non rot qualitys are required, we use Coosa Board and H.D construction foam sheet for lightness and strength.

Timber boat work done at Sandy Straits Marine
New engines available at Sandy Straits Marine

Sandy Straits Marine offers top quality repainting of your boat and uses only top quality painting systems. We have built pods for small and large boats, and we can make a good hard top or dodger for you boat. We can make a mould for that special order, and then make your part to your choice of colour and texture.

Sandy Straits Marine uses most resins like epoxy, vinyl ester, and polyester, with an array of mats like chopped strand mat (CSM) and d/byes and unidirectional. We have a chopper gun for the bulk lay up work and also boast a gel/coat gun to speed up gel/coating time and save on material waste.

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